Working safely in vehicles

This course is for people whose job role requires the use of a vehicle, such as drivers, couriers, mobile workers, delivery drivers and field forces. It is also suitable for workers that use their own vehicles to get to and from work or work-related appointments where they may share their vehicle with another person. This course should therefore combined with the Covid-19 workforce awareness and safe working practice course, as well as any other relevant workplace add-ons.

Social distancing inside and outside vehicles

Although social distancing is not always possible when using vehicles for work, it should still be a priority as with any other workplace environment. In this module, we look at ways to lower the risk of spreading infection between vehicle users whilst within a vehicle. We also look at other scenarios where social distancing can be used effectively to lower the risk of infection and airborne transmission when outside of a vehicle.

Using PPE effectively and safely in vehicles

There are many vehicle-based tasks that require more than one person, which makes social distancing whilst working from a vehicle impossible. In this module, we look at what PPE could be used to reduce the risk of spreading infection within the car or van and outside, whilst taking into consideration road safety guidelines.

Cleaning and sanitising vehicles

If the vehicle being used is a corporate vehicle or a vehicle approved for work-related travel by an employer, then it is the duty of the employer to ensure that it is clean and safe to work from. However, it is the responsibility of the workforce to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle on a day-to-day basis in order to keep themselves and colleagues safe. In this module, we look at what procedures and equipment are now required by the workforce to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle.

Minimising overall contamination risk posed by vehicle use

Working from within any close contact environment increases the risk of viral transmission, making vehicles a potentially high-risk workplace. In this module, we look at how vehicle-based workforces can change their normal daily procedures to reduce the overall amount of time spent working from within vehicles. We also look at reducing the risk of contamination and cross-contamination by controlling the group of colleagues with whom you interact with.

What to do if client hygiene is compromised

There are likely to be occasions where hygiene either inside or outside the vehicle is compromised and the risk of infection increased. For vehicle workplaces, it is not possible for employers to constantly control risk due to the isolated nature of the workplace. It is therefore critical that the workforce be constantly alert and prepared to respond correctly to a breach in safe working practice. We also look at how your workforce can support our NHS by operating an effective NHS Test and Trace procedure and by reporting concerns.

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