Supply Chain ManagementProduct range and end-to-end supply chain management

Situational analysis

Our experts will start by systematically listing and evaluating the internal and external forces that influence your organisation’s performance and strategies. We will identify past and present economic, social, political, technological and market data so that we can assess current and future strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

A vital part of this process is working with people from across all roles within the organisation to define the range of PPE required, including initial volumes, ongoing order frequency and training needs, to facilitate the establishment of a safe working environment.

The situation analysis allows us and you to understand the different PPE requirements of various working environments – most likely according to function – within your organisation.

Quality assurance and local resilience

Protecta Services guarantees that the PPE it supplies is sourced only from technically competent, recognised and quality assured suppliers, supporting local businesses wherever possible.

Purchases offshore are only approved to ensure continuity of supply and to meet unforeseen spikes in demand. Off-shore manufacturers and distributors are similarly vetted. Additionally, culturally appropriate safety products form part of the sourcing criteria to safeguard against employment discrimination.

All procurement decisions are transparent and subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

End-to-end supply chain management

PSL works alongside organisations to manage end-to-end supply chain activities, to include virtual warehousing, inventory management (including the monitoring of shelf-life products) and contingency planning. In terms of physical delivery, we use modern logistics methods in line with demand, including Just-in-Time (JIT), Direct Delivery and Cross-Docking.

We maintain a continually updated and replenished UK-based stock of items that are deemed to ‘Covid-19 Critical’.

Annual audits and inclusivity analysis

Protecta is always there to help you. We offer an annual audit to all our customers so that we can analyse the success and effectiveness of previous decisions, the progress you’ve made against those decisions, and any changes you’ve needed to make that may have affected them. We are also keen to include user feedback to ensure that employees feel safe and that they are comfortable with the new PPE procedures. We are acutely aware that workers must feel included in the decisions that are being made so that they can be reassured that none of their worker rights has been infringed.