Protecta Services wins UK distribution rights for revolutionary Orbel hand sanitiser

Protecta Services has secured distribution rights to sell an innovative personal sanitising device to businesses and consumers in the UK.

Protecta Services, a supplier of personal protection products and workplace training, has secured distribution rights to sell an innovative personal sanitising device to businesses and consumers in the UK.

The product, named Orbel, was created by Dyson Award-winning inventor Adam Sutcliffe, with the aim of introducing the habit of hand hygiene into everyday life. The Orbel hand sanitiser is a clip-on, wearable device that provides users with a singlehanded, one-swipe dose of medical-grade gel that instils habitual use through its intelligent and ergonomic design.

In recognition of the innovative nature of the device, Orbel won an iF World Design award in 2016 and has been heralded as “the next big thing” by James Dyson.

The wearable device is designed to easily clip onto the belt or pocket of the user, making it constantly accessible. Users need only rub one hand on its roller-ball surface to receive an even deposit of sanitising gel which they can then use across both hands. The high-quality gel in the Orbel’s gel reservoir kills 99.9% of bacteria, promoting safety for users and those they come into contact with.

The Orbel sanitiser complies with WHO’s “5 Moments” hand sanitising protocols, offering a visual statement of compliance in the workplace, helping employers demonstrate that they are taking vital steps to ensure they are creating a Covid-secure working environment.

Orbel inventor Adam Sutcliffe said: “Shops may have sanitiser pumps at the door and every office, factory or restaurant, may have them in strategically placed cleaning stations, but people still have to remember to walk to the pump or open a bag or pocket, find that little bottle and use it.

“This is why Orbel is different. You don’t need to remember to use it and it’s always with you and it’s always ready to be used. No need to hunt around looking for it. No need to take off a cap to use it. No need to seek out a hand sanitiser station. It’s right there and with one swipe enough gel is on your hands to clean both hands. And it’s there with barely a thought because it is designed to be habit forming, so you use it subconsciously.”

Alex Jaye, co-founder and director of Protecta Services, said: “The Orbel wearable hand sanitiser has the potential to revolutionise health and safety in the workplace. With Covid-19 continuing to present huge health and safety challenges for all sectors of British commerce and industry – across public and private sector organisations – we can provide workers with on-the-go hand sanitiser, allowing them to keep customers and colleagues safer at all times.

“The Orbel is available to businesses and organisations seeking to meet government guidelines and ensure compliance across their workforce. It will enable employers to make hand hygiene a habit in their workforce, reducing sickness absence and ensuring health and safety compliance.

“It is suitable for every workplace, including offices, factories, care homes, restaurants, hotels, railway stations, airports – the list is endless. As the battle against Covid-19 shows few signs of abating, the Orbel will provide much-needed support to employees and help to reduce the spread of the disease. It is already used by the NFL and hospitals in the US – with great success.

“Our mission at Protecta is to help restore the nation’s economic health in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis, and our role as UK distributor of Orbel will help us achieve this.”

To find out how to get your hands on this revolutionary device and make your workplace Covid secure, please contact our friendly Orbel expert