Protecta Services partners with Glo-Ball Hygiene as demand for Orbel hand sanitiser soars

Protecta Services has appointed Glo-Ball Hygiene, as a sub-distributor for Orbel hand sanitiser in the UK.

Protecta Services, a leading supplier of premium PPE products, has appointed Glo-Ball Hygiene, as a sub-distributor for Orbel hand sanitiser in the UK.

Protecta Services recently secured distribution rights to sell the innovative personal hand sanitising device to businesses in the UK.

Orbel was created by Dyson Award-winning inventor Adam Sutcliffe, to introduce the habit of hand hygiene into everyday life. The Orbel sanitiser is a clip-on, wearable device that provides users with a singlehanded, one-swipe dose of medical-grade hand sanitiser that instils habitual use through its intelligent and ergonomic design.

The Glo-Ball Hygiene team has more than 30 years’ experience in the events and hospitality industry – and the establishment and enforcement of hand hygiene will be fundamental to the success of companies operating in these sectors, once lockdowns are lifted.

Kelly Lock, commercial director at Protecta, said: “Our mission is to bring the best-in-class, wearable Orbel sanitiser to the events and hospitality sectors as quickly as possible. These sectors have been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Business owners and managers must equip their staff with a bacteria-killing device to halt the virus’s spread.

“By wearing Orbel, they will also be making a visible statement to the public that their premises are safe to visit. This will give staff the confidence they need to return to work and reassure the public about which premises are taking the need for heightened hygiene measures seriously.”

Amy Trevethan, director of Glo-Ball, said: “We are excited to talk to our clients in the events and hospitality industry about Orbel. We’d not seen anything like it: users need only swipe its roller-ball surface to receive an even deposit of sanitising gel that kills 99.9% of bacteria, promoting safety for users and those they come into contact with.

“It’s a no-brainer for any operation that comes into contact with large numbers of people. Those running events and hospitality businesses are acutely aware of the importance of hand hygiene as they prepare to re-open and stay open, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Given Orbel’s ease of use and its effectiveness on the move, this hand sanitiser could revolutionise hand hygiene for many, many businesses.

“Our long-standing relationship with Kelly provides the perfect blend of distribution and reselling experience with clinical science and industry knowledge.”

In recognition of the innovative nature of the device, Orbel won an iF World Design award in 2016 and has been heralded as “the next big thing” by James Dyson.

The Orbel complies with WHO’s “5 Moments” hand sanitising protocols, offering a visual statement of compliance in the workplace, helping employers demonstrate that they are taking vital steps to ensure they create a Covid-secure working environment.

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