OrbelPortable hand sanitisation device

UK design innovation

The Orbel™, conceived of and patented by Dyson Award winning inventor Adam Sutcliffe, within the accelerator programme run by Imperial College and the Royal College of Art London was highlighted as ‘the next big thing’ by James Dyson.

Kills 99.9% of bacteria

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention recommends using a hand sanitising product containing a minimum of 60% alcohol. The Orbel gel provides 72% alcohol, exceeding the recommendations.

Always at hand

There are times when hand sanitising stations are not within easy reach, tempting people to carry on with their jobs in breach of hygiene standards. This is never a problem with the Orbel sanitiser pod: it is a constant companion to any member of staff, enabling sanitisation anywhere at any time.

Making hand hygiene a habit

The Orbel™ clips on to a belt and is always there next to your hand making hand sanitisation second nature, increasing reliability and speed whilst reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

A visual statement of compliance

Not only does the Orbel comply with the WHO “5 Touch” sanitising protocols but it also acts as a messaging signal to patients and customers that your organisation is taking hand hygiene seriously, protecting them, your workforce and their families.

Improved task focus

Enhanced workforce hand hygiene has caused operational change in nearly every industry, with workers taking frequent breaks to wash their hands or walk to the nearest hand sanitiser station. This means tasks take longer to complete and productivity falls – with a consequential impact on sales, margins and profitability. The Orbel reduces the burden of hand hygiene, enabling workforces to focus on completing tasks on time – keeping customers and clients happy and helping organisations of all sizes and shapes to move back towards ‘business-as-usual’.

Disperses without excess

The user simply swipes one hand across the roller balls to obtain sufficient gel, and rubs both hands together to distribute the gel evenly.Recyclable and eco-friendly
The Orbel is made of recyclable materials, which if disposed correctly are safe for the environment.