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How to assess Covid risks in your workplace: 5 top tips

It is critical to carry out assessments to identify Covid risks in your workplace.

Do you know the PPE at work regulations you should be following?

All businesses across all sectors are required by law to provide PPE where needed.

How to combat the post-coronavirus risks to close contact services

Social distancing isn’t an option for close contract services. Find out what they can do to mitigate the risk and be COVID-secure.

How demand for PPE shifted during the coronavirus crisis

PPE has proven essential in protecting from coronavirus. Find out how demand for PPE changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How COVID-19 has emphasised the importance of sustainability for business owners

COVID-19 has stressed the need for hygienic workplaces to help businesses become sustainable and resilient.

What risks face factories post-COVID?

As more employees return to the workplace, we examine the risks facing factories as we emerge from the pandemic.

What risks face delivery drivers post-COVID?

Defeating COVID-19 means managing risks in all settings, including for those delivering goods. Find out what risks delivery drivers face.

How to implement the five moments of hand hygiene in your workplace

We explain how to implement WHO’s five moments of hand hygiene in your workplace.

How can businesses adapt to the new normal in the workplace?

What businesses need to do to provide a COVID-secure environment to adapt to a new normal in the workplace.

What risks face offices post-COVID?

As people consider returning to workplaces, such as offices, we look at what risks may face them in the bid to become COVID-secure.

Why hand sanitiser is an effective tool in killing viruses (including COVID-19)

Using hand sanitiser is recommended in the fight against coronavirus and other infectious diseases. Find out how it works.

5 tips for creating a Covid-secure workplace

Ensuring COVID-security in your workplace is key to protecting staff and complying with guidelines. Read our tips on how to do it.

The best ways to protect yourself from COVID-19

As we look to the future, you may be asking how you can continue to protect yourself from COVID-19. Our guide is here to help.

What to look for in a hand sanitiser

For maximum protection, you want a sanitiser that works. In this guide, we explain what to look for to find the best hand sanitiser for you.

Why it’s important not to be complacent about hand hygiene

We’ve outlined the continuing importance of handwashing and hand sanitising to help prevent further Covid-19 breakouts as we focus on the vaccine rollout.

Why hand hygiene is essential in the fight against coronavirus

Hand hygiene plays an essential role in protecting our health and reducing the spread of coronavirus. Find out why it matters.

How to create a culture of hand hygiene in your workplace

Hand hygiene is essential to empowering staff to reduce the spread of coronavirus and other infections.

Protecta Services partners with Glo-Ball Hygiene as demand for Orbel hand sanitiser soars

Protecta Services has appointed Glo-Ball Hygiene, as a sub-distributor for Orbel hand sanitiser in the UK.

Protecta Services wins UK distribution rights for revolutionary Orbel hand sanitiser

Protecta Services has secured distribution rights to sell an innovative personal sanitising device to businesses and consumers in the UK.

Protecta Services partners with Workforce Development Trust

We are pleased to today announce our partnership with the Workforce Development Trust, as part of our commitment to providing effective training to companies and their employees in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Workforce Development Trust (WD Trust) is…