Construction and outdoor work

This course is for people who work in construction and outdoors, such as farming, civil engineering, highway services and waste management. This course should always be combined with the Covid-19 workforce awareness and safe working practice course and can be combined with other add-on workplace courses.

Safety through working patterns and groups

In construction and outdoors work, Covid-19 is spread when workers come into close contact with each other. It is therefore important that the workforce minimise this contact wherever possible using new working patterns and creating working groups or ‘bubbles’. In this module, we look at how the workforce can adopt and support different procedures to reduce overall contact time whilst avoiding inter-group contamination.

Social distancing on site

Although the workforce may be largely outdoors based, social distancing rules apply to all areas of a site. In this module, we look at what social distancing measures you should look out for and expect, including new working zones and one-way systems. We also look at reducing the risk in static work environments using social distancing measures.

Safe procedures for inbound and outbound goods

As Covid-19 can attach itself to hard surfaces, the dispatch and delivery of goods has the potential to spread the virus across the entire site. In addition, drivers may themselves have become spreaders and so pose a risk to workforce safety. There will therefore be special procedures for when goods enter and leave the site that enable social distancing and reduce viral transmission. It is important that the workforce understands new procedures before entering the delivery or despatch area in order to inadvertently breaching them.

Protecting your customers and visitors

By now, it is very likely that your employer has nominated and trained a site host, who is responsible for communicating PPE measures to visitors upon arrival. There may also be a reduced number of visitors due to new procedures such as video conferencing wherever possible. In this module, we look at the changes made and also how the workforce can contribute to the safety of visitors as well as reducing the contamination threat they pose to the workforce.

Cleaning and sanitising the workplace

Generally speaking, one of the greatest challenges to the workforce will be the new focus on cleaning and sanitisation. In this module, we look at the new changes required of the workforce to sanitise their work area, equipment, machinery and tools. We look at practical tips to encourage new practice so that it becomes habitual and second nature.

What to do if hygiene is compromised

If hygiene is compromised on site, then it is crucial that the workforce identifies, reports it to the correct manager and responds quickly to control the risk of contamination. In this module, we ensure that the workforce understands what to look out for and how to communicate concern. We also look at how the workforce can support our NHS by operating an effective NHS Test and Trace procedure.

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