Our Safety Innovation Studio has been set up to ensure continuous improvement at Protecta Services, so that we are always offering best-in-class solutions, recognising that the wide range of Covid-19 dangers cannot be solved by the application of a single, standard solution.

Global innovation with UK quality assurance

We continuously research global innovations and carry out our own comprehensive, controlled trials in UK laboratories. Products that do not meet the required standards will be rejected; successful products will be distributed using UK based logistics specialists.

UK innovation for UK citizens

In order to respond to the unprecedented challenges facing the UK workforce today, we work with top UK designers such as Adam Sutcliffe, the inventor of Orbel, to blueprint new personal safety equipment based on our clients’ unique circumstances as well as customising existing PPE products.

Improving PPE performance

We believe that by increasing the variation of PPE products available to the market, we are able to keep a broader range of workforces safe in different environments. We also aim to reduce manufacturing costs, increase ease-of-use (reducing time wasted and maximising staff efficiency) and improve long-term performance of PPE products.

Increasing local resilience and economic growth

Our designers are able to work with local manufacturers to enable production of newly designed products. Not only does this support local businesses through upskilling but can lead to national and global demand for UK goods, boosting local and regional economic growth.

Increasing diversity and inclusivity

There are many products on the market today that infringe workers’ rights but are used out of necessity and urgency. We design, customise and source products that offer the maximum amount of inclusivity across the UK’s diverse workforces.